Touch Screen Flight Gloves

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Today, with the overall world-wide acceptance of Touch Screen Devises available to us in the cockpit, we have a Dilemma. Current Nomex Flight Gloves can no longer communicate with our electronic devices ...  Until Now



Constructed to exceed US Mil. Spec. G-81188C

  • Grade A Soft Sheepskin Leather Palms for increased tactility
  • Constructed to exceed US Mil. Spec. G-81188C
  • Highly heat and fire resistant USA Dupont Nomex® Fabric and Threads
  • Can be laundered without losing Flame Resistant Properties
  • Touch Screen Capacitive Contact Tips on Thumb, Index and Middle Fingers
  • Double Stitching Seams for extended durability
  • Designed to be used with Touch Screen Phones,Tablets and Capacitive Flight Instrument Screens